- Legal-tributary relationship mediation with:
Tax Authority and Social Security.

- Accounting services: filling in and submitting the Model 3 of IRS;

- Specialized services for emigrants:
Obtaining visas and consular legalization of documents;
Property rental and management of the respective contracts;
Collection and forwarding of correspondence;
Scheduling medical appointments;
Hiring occasional cleaning services of real estate;
Client representation before public and private entities:
- Condominium meetings and others;
- Cancellation and beginning of supply contracts of water, electricity, gas and communications; and
- Resolution of issues with the Tax Authority and Social Security.
Formalization of retirement requests;
Other unspecified services considering the specific needs of our customers.

- Elaboration of Applications supported by IEFP under the Support for Entrepreneurship Program
and the Self-Employment Creation:
Business Creation;
Creation of Self-Employment;
Microcredit; and

- Lease Contract Management:
Elaboration of Lease Contracts;
Issue of Rent receipts;
Control and rent collection.

- Support job search

- Tax Consultancy

- Document management